• Un premier coup d'arrêt pour la série ?

    Kiefer Sutherland, dans un chat sur Internet le 7 mai 2012, dit que les audiences mondiales de la série sont bonnes...


    Le site Internet TV Guide.com organise un vote pour sauver les séries qui doivent survivre dont la série Touch VOTE

    Fin avril les chaines de TV américaines vont annoncer si les séries TV restent à l'antenne ou seront annulées commre certaine dont l'annulation est déjà annoncé...

    Avec des audiences encore en baisse pour Touch et une chute de 10% avec la diffusion de l'épisode 7 (audiences US), les fans de Touch ne veulent pas que la série soit annulé par la Fox faute d'audiences. La Fox continue de miser sur sa star vedette Kiefer Sutherland pour attirer les téléspectateurs...

    Un premier coup d'arrêt pour la série ?

    "Il y avait un grand trou dans nos cœur, dans nos âmes quand 24 s’est arrêté. Cesser de regarder Kiefer faire face au danger semaine après semaine était presque trop lourde à porter. Et maintenant il est de retour, agissant pour le bien de son fils doué mais perturbé semaine après semaine. Fox ne voudrait pas nous le reprendre. Ils ne peuvent pas !"

    Pensez-vous que la série Touch avec Kiefer Sutherland devrait être sauvée ?

    There was a large, gaping hole in our hearts — nay, our souls — after 24 went off the air. The loss of watching Kiefer Sutherland do the right thing in the face of danger week after week was almost too much to bear. And now that he's back, doing the right thing for his gifted-but-troubled son week after week, Fox just wouldn't take that away from us. They can't!

    Do you think Touch should be saved?


    Ratings debate: Will Kiefer Sutherland, ‘Touch’ stay on Fox?

    Every season, there are a few shows that come down to the wire when it comes to whether or not to renew them, or to send them packing. At the moment, “Touch” is clearly one of these shows. It’s the most-successful new drama of the year for Fox … but saying that is like saying it was the mildest of letdowns.


    So should the network just go into next year with a clean slate? Read on for our verdict.


    Why it should go – There really are four fundamental reasons you can make to justify the end of Kiefer Sutherland’s show after just one season:


    1. The ratings – Despite having one of the more expensive stars from the world of TV, “Touch” only draws ratings in the low 2.0 range — and this is despite having one of the strongest season premieres of the past year earlier in the spring. We blame the long layoff after the “preview” as a reason for the decline.


    2. The lead-in – If “Touch” didn’t air after the “American Idol” results show, where would it be then? “Bones” traditionally pulled better numbers last year in this spot, and “The Finder” was doing about as well when it aired here earlier this season.


    3. Sutherland himself – Let’s be honest here: he does not come cheap. At 5,000 per episode, he is the only star of a new drama series among the ten highest-paid actors in the genre. While it’s not the money he made for “24,” it’s a large investment in a show with only modest numbers.


    4. Tim Kring – Remember “Heroes” season 2? We don’t want the same thing to happen here was the first season is over.


    Why it should stay – You could make the argument first of all that Kring deserves a second chance, and that “Touch” happens to air in a pretty terrible timeslot in that it is up against three other dramas — in particular “Person of Interest,” which appeals to a similar male crowd. “Bones” and “The Finder” were comedic enough to at least be distinctive against the competition.


    You also have to think that network head Kevin Reilly would want to give at least one new drama another chance after “Terra Nova’s” cancellation and the likely end of both “Alcatraz” and “The Finder.” As a possible replacement for “House,” this show could do quite well on a night with competition that would not conflict with its own.


    What will happen – We’re not positive about this one, but we certainly see the above situation playing out. It’s unrealistic to think that Fox would be able to come up with four or five hours of new hour-long programming for the upcoming year.


    With that, we see “Touch” getting a second season and possibly a move to Mondays, where it can help launch a lineup with a new drama or “Bones.” With this, it gives the network the spot after “The X Factor” on Thursday nights to work with, and the network will also then just figure out what to do following the end of “Fringe’s” shortened season.